Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I took my first walk with my camera today. Played around with a few things and realized how much I really have to learn! It's kind of intimidating...

We found the coolest trees on our walk. It was as if they were hugging each other.

A few more shots from my walk:

These two have absolutely NO photoshop! Isn't the sky beautiful?! It didn't look so blue in real life... Taken at twilight.

I'm shooting some engagement photos for friends of ours sometime in the next couple weeks. Practice, practice, practice! I bought a tripod today. Practiced a little with the P S M and A settings. The manual looks like Chinese half the time. But I won't learn if I don't push myself. There's a class starting April 5th. Hopefully I can get in and learn, learn, learn! :))


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