Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ready, set...GO!

Soooo... A girl friend of mine is doing Project 365. [taking and posting one picture a day for a year] Unfortunately, I didn't start on January 1st. My favorite number is 317. Random, yes. Tomorrow's date is 3/17. So I am going to start my very own Project 317 tomorrow! :) A picture a day for 317 days! :) If my math is correct, that will be until January 28th. I hope I can keep up!!

My Stinky helped me bake a cake today. :)

And then helped me clean up! :)) Love this boy. ♥

I ordered a DVD from www.elitevideo.com about my Nikon D60. I should get it in the mail soon. Hopefully it teaches me all I need to know about my camera without paying $400 for a photography workshop!

Nigh-night all.

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