Friday, March 19, 2010

Day #2 & Day #3

Yesterday I was super sick, but still managed to take a few photos. :) Being sick allowed me time to study all day long about apertures, shutter speeds and ISOs. It's all starting to make sense in my head, but now I need to practice with the camera! I was taking pictures of my Stinky eating lunch today in manual mode. I thought they were going to turn out super cute, but when I uploaded them, they were all blurry!! :( So I got my camera back out and shot some more in Auto, and they turned out perfect. I realize blurry means I need to speed up my shutter speed, but my fstop and iso couldn't go any lower... So now I'm really confused. :-/ I'm meeting with a local photographer on Tuesday and she's offered to answer all my many questions. :)

DAY 2: This is my favorite vase. My bestie has the same one. We got them from World Market. Awesome store! Reminded me of St. Patty's day.

DAY 3: One of the 'auto' retakes. I love it!! [and him ♥ ]

I have not played around with my new Photoshop Elements yet. I figured I needed to learn how to take pictures before I learn how to fix them. ><


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