Sunday, March 21, 2010

Day #4 & #5

Helloooo. So, yesterday Jason and I threw a baby shower / cookout for a SGT in his company. It was pretty cold [for Texas] and very windy but it was a good time. It was our first official get together since we've been in Texas. [been here a year in May!]

Day #4 - Sooo, my mom bought me this BEAUTIFUL white orchid last year and I totally ended up killing it. :((( I've wanted to get another one, but chose a fake one instead. At least until we are finished moving...again.

Day #5 - Jason, Joey, Macey [Blankenship's boxer] and I went hiking on one of the trails at Blora today. Yesterday was the first day of spring. I can't wait to camp out here when it warms up a bit. There were little buds on all the trees. How exciting! Joey did so good on the trails. xo


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