Sunday, March 28, 2010

Day #10, #11 & #12

3/26 - Day #10 - Yep. It's almost sprinkler time! :)

3/27 - Day #11 - We went to Belton again today. Spent the whole day on a boat. Passed by this waterfall in one of the bays. I LOVE waterfalls! Took this with my point and shoot camera.

3/28 - Day #12 - This is an angel my mom bought me for my garden when I moved down to Texas. She's sitting on my front porch. ♥


  1. Wow Lisa! Your photography skills are really coming along quite nicely :D! Beautiful photos! I love the processing of the hose...and the water frozen in time - very cool!

  2. Yea!! My first comment!! hahaha Thanks Anna!! I didn't expect the hose to turn out so good... But layer after layer and I began to love it! :)

  3. I'm the first? YES! I feel special >.< .
    I can't wait to start practicing with motion shots/shutter speed, myself. Now that it's finally nice out, here in good ole Wisconsin, I can practice with cool flowing water shots in places other than my boring kitchen faucet xD.