Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day #24 - #27

I've been a busy, busy girl! I need to stop slacking on this Project 317... :)

4/9 - Day #24 - I got my new 50mm lens in the mail today! Woohoo! This was one of my first shots. It's not the greatest, but it shows this lens' depth of field capabilities! I've been using the same 18-55mm kit lens since I got the camera in 08, so this new lens is going to take some getting used to!

4/10 - Day #25 - Wheeeeere's Joey?!?! ... There he is!! :) He's so goofy

4/11 - Day #26 - I had my first official photo shoot today! :D I was pretty nervous at first, but it wasn't as scary as I thought it was going to be. This precious little girl definitely made me work though!!

4/12 - Day #27 - So today is the first day I haven't taken a picture! This sweet little girl was going to come back over for some more pictures today but it didn't work out that way. Figured I'd just post another pic of her little cute self. :) I know it's almost the same pose as yesterdays pic, but she's just oh so cute in these! I've been playing around in Photoshop all day. Here's the result. lol

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  1. That lens changed my (photog) life!! Seriously love it. Beauuuutiful pictures.

    Oh and I'm in love with those blonde eyelashes:)